MHF Specials Episode 9 – Unified Communications Expo 2012 Part 2(show notes)

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This is the second and final part of our coverage of the Unified Communications(UC) Expo 2012. Taking place in London’s Olympia, this is a trade show where all the vendors in the UC marketplace show off their products, services and solutions for 2012 and beyond.

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We would like to thank the following people for making us feel welcome at UC Expo 2012:

  • Charles James
  • Pejman Roshan
  • Manish Sablok
  • Edward Fox
  • Sharon Entwistle
  • Nilima Patwardhan
  • Ofer Guetta
  • Anuya
  • Mark Spencer
  • Nigel Jones
  • Carolyn Boosley
  • Becky Constantine
  • Tim Koehler
  • Eisha Cooke

Big shout out going out to Billy happy Birthday , Jamie Chapman, Harley, Liam, Sid, Ray, Jane and Claire.

Day two roundup

IP telephony solutions provider snom has announced its Gold and Platinum Partners for 2012, with a total of nine distributors gaining the coveted Platinum Partner status, and a further ten becoming Gold Partners. Gold and Platinum partner status is awarded in recognition of strong sales of snom products, as well as the high levels of support the partners have provided to their snom customers throughout 2011. Snom were also showcasing the snom 300 and the snom 821 were the first SIP phones which were officially tested and qualified as interoperable with Microsoft Lync™ by Microsoft.

Next up polycom in partnership with  Microsoft were showcasing  how they deliver a highly scalable and more secure solution that simplifies deployment and management, helping customers cut overall costs in their UC infrastructure. as well as showing off  The Polycom CX7000 unified collaboration system which redefines the way users communicate by providing a unique multi-way collaboration experience with high definition (HD) telepresence technology.

Powernet  were  showcasing ViBE  which is a WAN optimisation technology, designed to enhance the quality and performance of all data circuits and to deliver IP-voice services with superior quality and a 5-fold increase in call capacity.

The technology in ViBE delivers superior quality IP voice calls, up to 500% increase in IP call capacity as well as enhanced performance of cloud applications and all other IP communication services. ViBE also provides a number of unique bandwidth stacking and resiliency options, including there  unique RAIN mode to reduce latency and packet loss to a minimum.

Next up  KEMP Technologies today announced that its LoadMaster hardware-based and virtual appliance load balancers are now approved for Microsoft Lync Server 2010 that integrates voice communications, IM, audio, video, and web conferencing.  KEMP’s affordable LoadMaster portfolio delivers reliable server load balancing, optimised application delivery and built-in SSL acceleration for any size business. This approval ensures customers have a seamless experience integrating LoadMasters with Microsoft Lync server pools.

KEMP LoadMaster solutions make it easy to speed deployment of critical server roles and protocols offered by Microsoft Lync Server 2010.  By adding load balancing, traffic can be scaled across Lync 2010 Front End, Director and Edge server pools.

Digium CTO and Asterisk architect Mark Spencer  talked passionately about how Asterisk and Open source extends flexibility throughout the value chain to enable choice and make a real impact from an extremely broadened view of unified communication. Compromise is no longer needed and with the power of community.

We sat down to talk with Ofer Guetta from IBM to talk about some of the solutions and products that they were showcasing at this year’s UC Expo.  You can find out more about their offerings over at

Up next, we talked with Tim Koehler from Snom about some of their telephony products and solutions including their fifth generation Snom  handsets. You can find more about their products and services by going to the Snom website at

 We talked with Mark Williams from Powernet to talk about ViBE.  You can find out more about ViBE at and you can find Powernet over at

We talked with Mark Spencer(CTO of Digium) about Asterisk and more. You can find out more about Digium over at

We talked with George Zervos from Kemp Technologies about their LoadMaster load balancing hardware and virtual appliances. You can find out more about these and other products over at

We spoke with Charlie James from Polycom about their Real Presence Platform and much more. You can find out more about the products, services and solutions at or you are in the USA).

Picks of the show

Adi’s pick of the show went to the smart interactive whiteboard.  Let’s say you’re in a meeting and you have  have something that you need to convey in pictures instead of words.

Instead of telling people about it, hook your computer up to a projector and a smart interactive whiteboard and you will be able to do just that. You would be able to use a special pen to draw on the screen to convey those thoughts in pictures.  Adi had a chance to play with one of these on the show floor and it was awesome.

Chris’ pick of the show was ShoreTel’s BYOD solution.  With this solution, the devices that people can use increases to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Shoretel provide the software and hardware  to allow employees to access network services on their own devices. An amazing solution and one your company should be looking to incorporate into there business model as more productive working solution. In the words of Pejman Roshan, work is not a place you go, it’s a thing that you do.

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