ASUS Announces The VivoStick PC on A Stick

ASUS VivoStick PC

At the annual IFA conference in Berlin Germany, ASUS has announced a new PC on a stick called the VivoStick. It takes the form factor of something that is slightly larger than a USB flash drive. Inside you will expect to find: 2GB of RAM Intel Atom CPU/processor 32GB of on-board storage 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi […]

Paypal Launches Peer-to-peer Payments

Paypal Me

Paypal has announced its own peer-to-peer payment system called Using this service, you will be able to request people to send money to you. The way it works is that you generate a link from your account that you can give out to people that might owe you some money. The recipient of […]

Adi’s Pick of The Week: Twilight

Twilight Android App

Some of you might remember that I wrote about Flux. This is a desktop app that changes the colour of your screen so that it makes things a bit easier on the eye. Well this week, my pick of the week is a similar app for smartphones and tablets called Twilight. Just like Flux, this […]

Next Apple Event Set for 9th September 2015

Apple Give us A Hint

It’s official folks! Apple has confirmed that they will be holding a special event on the 9th of September 2015. An invite has been sent out to various members of the press. The invite itself shows the top of a white apple. At the bottom of the invite, we also have the tagline “Hey Siri, […]

Wileyfox Gets Into the Smartphone Space


Some of you might be aware of OnePlus and how they came out of nowhere with their phones. However, it seems like there is now another company trying to get into the mobile phone space called Wileyfox. They are launching their brand of smartphones with two new handsets called the Swift and the Storm. With […]

Samsung Announces The Galaxy S6 Edge +

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

For those of you that missed it, Samsung unveiled two new smartphones at their Unpacked event in New York, USA earlier this week. One of them is the Galaxy S6 Edge +. In terms of specs, you are looking at: 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2560×1440 4GB of RAM NFC […]

Samsung Unveils a 16TB SSD (and the world’s largest)

Samsung SSD

Samsung are well known for making some good SSDs. However, it turns out that Samsung also has another accolade at the moment. During the Flash Memory Summit in California, USA they unviled an enterprise aimed 16 terabyte solid state drive. Just to give you an idea, you would be able to hold a little more […]

Adi’s Pick of The Week – F.lux

Flux Settings Screen

It’s pick of the week time once again. Every week I pick one piece of software or website that I really like. I don’t know about you, but I like things that make using my computers, smartphones or tablets a lot easier. This is why my pick of the week is a rather interesting software […]

The Missing Features of Windows 10

VLC Media Player

When upgrading to Windows 10, some of you might have noticed a few things that were taken in the process. So here’s a quick run-down of the features that were taken away and what alternatives there are. Windows Media Center: In 2005, Microsoft launched a separate version of Windows XP called Windows XP – Media […]

Windows 10: A Full Review

Windows 10 Start Menu

Microsoft has finally released Windows 10 (it’s highly anticipated operating system) to the masses. It’s a free upgrade to anyone on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 if you upgrade before the 29th of July 2016. Otherwise if you upgrade after that date then you will have to pay £99 to upgrade to Windows […]